Marine transportation is transporting ways for goods in medium or large quantities which are irrespective of time. Extra-large goods charter a ship during a certain period or use a conventional vessel, which is usually termed bulk goods.

The other way is container transportation which have largely developed since 1960’s and occupy the main part of transportation now.

Container transportation is divided onto FCL and LCL which means a small quantity of goods doesn’t need 1 unit of container.

Sea Freight was born quite early compared to other transport modes. As early as the fifth century BC, people have the advantage of making sea transport route for exchanges of domain zones, the different countries of the world. Until now shipping are thrived and become a modern shipping industry in the international transport system.

As one of the leading freight forwarder, we are committed to provide logistics services Sea Freight diversity with the best quality. For us, there is no other place is not to be.


With a strong system of agents, our sea freight forwarding services is constantly evolving and improving. Our brand has been widely disseminated.

The products and services primarily for sea transport:

We provide exports and imports sending service by sea from VietNamto country oversea in the world, and vice versa (for both FCL and LCL).

Service quality is guaranteed by the direct route through the dealer network and respected long time. Imports of services from others country to Vietnam (especially from the Korean market).

Commodity for FCL with competitive prices.

Service delivery door to door services.

Support services (ADD-SERVICES):

  • Delivery of the EXW terms or DDU / DDP.
  • Delivery Door / Door and Services House / Office removed.
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